Queline Meadows

also known as kikikrazed.


Hi! I'm Queline (Kay-Lynn) Meadows. I'm currently studying Screen Cultures at Ithaca College. I make video essays all about film, video games, or whatever else I’m interested in at the moment. I also help run a Discord server called The Essay Library.


Video Essays

NEW: The Two Worlds of Wolfwalkers

Every video essay I've ever made:

The Two Worlds of Wolfwalkers [16:16]
Outer Wilds and the Debris of Time [1:22] ⁰
Beginning at the End [1:18] ⁰
Ready or Not Like Other Girls [6:06] ¹
Notes on Camp (Rock) [1:51] ¹

The Rise of Film TikTok [13:59]
Bumblebee, CGI, and the Rules of Disney Animation [20:34]

What Does Insanity Look Like? Psychonauts and German Expressionism [9:41]
Comparative Study: How do animated films adhere to Eisenstein's idea of plasmaticism? [8:45] ²

LGBT Representation in Media (TV) [5:24] ³

⁰ Part of an Essay Library Anthology project.
¹ Made for TVR 29230 - Making the Video Essay at Ithaca College.
² Final assessment for IB Film.
³ IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) Personal Project.

The Rise of Film TikTok [13:59]
November 2020

A look at Gen Z’s latest hub for film appreciation—where it came from and where it’s going. Here’s what Film TikTok means to me and to the larger landscape of film criticism and culture online.

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